At DMO Olabamiji Solicitors, we recognise the importance of having proper immigration documents held by Immigrants here in the UK. It cannot be stressed or over emphasised enough, the hardship and difficulties that arise for immigrants due to the lack of proper documentation.

We firmly believe that you cannot afford to leave your destiny in the hands of incompetent professionals. Nor can you trust the blogs, websites, and “helpful advice” from family or friends who are not completely clued in. Immigration Law is dynamic in nature. It is constantly changing, evolving or being amended. Without the guidance of professionals who understand these modifications and are continuously keeping themselves up-to-date, you are leaving yourself and your immigration status at risk.

What We Offer


At DMO Olabamiji Solicitors, our wealth of knowledge and experience in Immigration Law is at your disposal. Foremost, we want to assist you in solving your immigration needs and problems.

We have vast experience in Immigration Law. Our principal solicitor Wale, will help you navigate the numerous possible applications with the Home Office. We also represent clients before the First-tier and Upper-tier Immigration Tribunal. We assist clients with lodging Administrative Review, as well as, instruct Solicitor Advocates in Judicial Review at the Court of Session- just to name a few of our many services.

Our firm does participate in legal aid, but our fees are competitive if you are not eligible. Recognising that you may not have time for consultations during the regular 9am-5pm office hours, we do offer out of hour appointments at a higher fee rate Monday to Saturday when necessary.

We understand that the lack or pending status of  immigration might cause anxiety and stress for our clients. We commit ourselves to providing a friendly environment and making sure that our services are working for you.