Our Services

Asylum, Human Rights and Immigration is our specialty.  

Our Clients:

Are you?

  • An applicant under the points based system
  • An Asylum seeker
  • Someone in Immigration Detention
  • Someone subject to deportation proceedings
  • Seeking entry into the UK
  • An over-stayer in the UK
  • Someone seeking to regularize their status in the UK
  • An Employer of Foreign Nationals
  • Someone with a work permit
  • Concerned about your business, student, relationship or marriage applications
  • International artist or footballer

We can help all of YOU, and many others who have concerns about their immigration status in the UK.


We offer services in the following areas:

*Civil Penalty Notice for Illegal Workers.                                                        *Removal Directions

*Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights-                          *Administrative Review under the point based system private and family life.

*Appeals to the First Tier Tribunal/Upper Tribunal/Court of Session/Supreme Court

*European Law                                                                                                     *Judicial Review

*European Union Applications                                                                          *Family Reunion

*Asylum/Refugee Law                                                                                        *Best interests of the children

*Deportation                                                                                                         *Long residence applications

*Bail/Chief Immigration Officer Bail                                                               *Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR)

*Temporary Admission                                                                                      *Limited Leave to Remain (LTR)

*Unlawful Detentions                                                                                         *Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

*British Nationality                                                                                             *Entry Clearance Applications

*Visitor Visas and appeal                                                                                   *Spouse Visas and appeals

*Student Visas and appeal                                                                                 *Administrative Review

*Switching Visas                                                                                                  *Business Visas

*Tier 1 (investor) Visa                                                                                         *Tier 1 (entrepreneur) Visa

*EEA Applications                                                                                               *Work Permits

*Sponsor Licenses                                                                                               *Application for further leave to Remain


(We can arrange for an interpreter in any language you may require!)